Tectonic evolution and its influence on hydrocarbon accumulation of Ruman buried hill in Melut Basin,South Sudan

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    The Ruman buried hill in the Melut Basin has experienced multi-stage tectonic evolution,resulting in complex hydrocarbon accumulation modes in this area. To reveal the role of the tectonic evolution of the Ruman buried hill in controlling hydrocarbon accumulation and further explore the exploration potential in this area,this paper combined seismic,drilling,and regional tectonic data for structural evolution analysis based on the balanced cross-section technique. Moreover,based on the hydrocarbon generation and expulsion history of source rocks,the dynamic accumulation process of reservoirs around the Ruman buried hill was analyzed. The results show that the Ruman buried hill has experienced two largescale tilting uplift activities since the Cretaceous. The tilting uplift in the late Cretaceous was beneficial to the stratigraphiclithologic traps around the buried hill,and those in the late Paleogene led to the exposure of buried hills,which destroyed the primary reservoirs that formed earlier,leading to secondary heavy oil reservoirs. In addition,the tectonic activity has been weak since the Neogene. It results in the stratigraphic-lithologic heavy oil reservoirs of the Cretaceous Galhak Formation and the structural-lithologic heavy oil reservoirs of the Neogene Jimidi Formation in the late accumulation around the Ruman buried hill,and both the reservoirs show great exploration potential.

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薛罗,马轮,史忠生,赵艳军,陈彬滔,史江龙,王磊.南苏丹Melut 盆地Ruman 潜山构造演化及其对油气成藏的控制作用[J].油气地质与采收率,2022,29(2):53~60

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