Study on both characteristics and applicabilities of dynamic injection-production coupling development and technical policy boundaries

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    The injection-production coupling technologies are an effective method proposed in recent years to enhance oil recovery of the water flooding,of which the dynamic injection-production coupling is the simplest and most common one.At present,there is no clear definition of and targeted systematic research on it. In light of the development characteristics and types of injection-production coupling,this paper clarifies its technical characteristics and proposes its definition,which deepens the understanding of the mechanism underlying the dynamic injection-production coupling to enhance oil recovery. Taking the typical dynamic injection-production coupling unit in Shengli Oilfield as an example,the paper systematically analyzes development characteristics and the development applicabilities of dynamic injection-production coupling in complex fault-block reservoirs. On this basis,the sensitivity of the main controlling factors is evaluated,and the influence of process design parameters(such as intervention timing,water injection parameters of injection wells and production parameters of production wells)on the development effect is analyzed. As a result,the technical policy boundaries of dynamic injection-production coupling design are clarified. The results show that the dynamic injection-production coupling presents two methods:short injection followed by long production and intermittent injection after production. The former is suitable for multiple rounds of development,while the latter is not. The intervention timing and periodic injection volume are sensitive factors,while water injection rate and fluid production rate are insensitive factors. The intervention timing is better when the water cut is lower,and the expansion coefficient of periodic injection volume is greater than 1. The development effect of the first round of dynamic injection-production coupling is the most critical.

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