Optimization strategies and adaptability analysis of shale gas reservoir stimulation in western Chongqing Block

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    The distribution area of deep shale gas blocks in Luzhou-western Chongqing area accounts for 86% of the southern Sichuan Basin,and the Ordovician Wufeng Formation-Silurian Longmaxi Formation are the main reservoirs for further large-scale production of natural gas. However,the reservoirs in the western Chongqing Block faces many geological challenges,including thin reservoirs,“dual sweet spots”of geological engineering converging in the same layer,poor connectivity of pores and fractures,large burial depth,developed fault systems,and harsh geostress conditions. Based on the geological and engineering parameters of the wells fractured in the block and combined with the theory on shale gas fracture-network fracturing,big data analysis was adopted to develop optimization measures for the fracturing process to meet different geological challenges. These measures included high drilling ratios in the first layer of the first sub-member in the first member of Longmaxi Formation(Long111),great fracturing fluid intensity,short cluster distances,high proppant concentrations,high pump rates,and temporary plugging and diversion. The adaptive analysis of the fracturing parameters in the fractured wells was carried out to verify the feasibility of those measures. On this basis,a template of fracture-network fracturing parameters suitable for the western Chongqing Block was put forward and applied in the field for fracture-network fracturing. As a result,the fracture complexity and stimulated reservoir volume of a single well were increased by 60.59% and 38.3% respectively compared with the earlier three clusters of wells,and the overall production was high. The single-well test productivity grew by 68.67%,and the cumulative production was enhanced significantly,laying a foundation for the efficient development of deep shale gas reservoirs.

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