Method for selecting repeated fracturing wells in low-permeability sandstone reservoirs based on Pearson correlation coefficient

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    The low-permeability sandstone reservoirs in Shengli Oilfield have many oil layers,strong interlayer heterogeneity,and poor reservoir petrophysical properties. The previously fractured wells are generally subject to low production and low efficiency,and repeated fracturing is urgently needed. For scientific well selection,a method for selecting repeated fracturing wells based on the Pearson correlation coefficient was developed. The reservoir petrophysical properties,fracturing parameters,and production data were comprehensively considered in the method,and the Pearson correlation coefficients of the candidate well and the virtual target well were calculated to quantitatively evaluate the potential of the candidate well for repeated fracturing stimulation. Aiming at a well group in Shengli Dawangbei Oilfield,the proposed well selection method was used to screen out the well with the greatest potential for repeated fracturing stimulation. Repeated fracturing was implemented on the well with multiple temporary-plugging fracturing techniques. After the fracturing,the daily oil production increases from 2.5 t/d to 7.3 t/d,which confirms the effectiveness of the method. It does not require massive samples and complex calculations and can be applied to field practices.

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刘子军.基于Pearson 相关系数的低渗透砂岩油藏重复压裂井优选方法[J].油气地质与采收率,2022,29(2):140~144

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